ElizabethW Body Lotion

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ElizabethW lotions with Shea butter melt into the skin providing lasting hydration, leaving a silky texture and delicate fragrance for an all-day aromatherapy experience. Crafted with nourishing ingredients, this milky lotion is perfect for all over the body and leaves your skin feeling nourished, protected and non-sticky. Layer with your favorite elizabethW fragrance for the ultimate self-care treat. Choose from Magnolia, Vetiver, Rose and Te.

Magnolia: Romantic and feminine, with notes of sandalwood, gardenia and Riviera mimosa.

Vetiver: Earthy, woody and confident with light citrus tones and hints of bergamot.

Rose: A sensuous and classic blend of wild roses with accents of fresh forest berries and hawthorn.

Te: An elegant, clean marriage of oriental black teas, juicy fresh Amalfi lemons and sweet almond honey.

Size/Weight: 6.75 fl oz                         


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