ElizabethW Candles Small

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ElizabethW's distinctive perfume candles capture the wonderful scents of their perfumes - simple, sophisticated aromas that create a spa-like environment wherever you use them and make you want to linger and relax.

These hand-poured artisanal candles and letterpress boxes are crafted in elizabethW's studio in Northern California. Eco-friendly, the candle is made from 100% renewable soy wax, with a paper core, cotton wick and reusable glass. 3 oz.

Scent profile:

Tuberose: A richly sweet, heady aroma, accented by gardenia, jasmine, warm amber and orange flower.

Lilac: Sensual, fresh, intensely springtime floral bouquet brightened with subtle hints of jasmine, neroli and freesia.


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