ElizabethW Eau de Parfum

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ElizabethW perfumes speak to the individual, not the masses. Using traditional methods and the most precious fragrant oils, this artisanal, family owned Northern California company hand-blends their scents to create sophisticated, alluring fragrances. Everything is made with care in small batches and all fragrances are intended to be worn every day. Once you discover ElizabethW irresistible fragrances, you'll be in love.

Magnolia: Romantic and feminine, with notes of sandalwood, gardenia and Riviera mimosa.

Vetiver: Earthy, woody and confident with light citrus tones and hints of bergamot.

Rose: A sensuous and classic blend of wild roses with accents of fresh forest berries and hawthorn.

Te: An elegant, clean marriage of oriental black teas, juicy fresh Amalfi lemons and sweet almond honey.

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